Melo Bright


Melo Bright is a set of 25 arpeggiated melodies created for mainstream drum & bass genres. These melodies are perfectly match for Pop, Liquid, Chill, Future, Ragga dnb music, etc. So if you stuck or in rush with music ideas and you need some positive & BRIGHT vibe, go get it!

In the pack you will find 25 arpeggiated midi files and 75 wav loops as audio renders for each melody in Bass, Lead and Pluck categories. All these audio loops you can use as unique and super modern regular samples. And since the loops are using the common rootkey F, combining different fragments of them you can create your new and original melodies. Just try this tip and you will be surprised by the results!


  • Content: 25 arpeggiated midi files and 75 music audioloops
  • Format: MID & WAV 24bit/48kHz
  • Root Key: F
  • Tempo: 174bpm
  • Download size: 270 MB
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