Exotic Drums 2


The Exotic Drums 2 is the second version of the semi-acoustic percussion library for Drum & Bass producers. The library, as formerly, contains 50 percussion sets, grouped together in 4 categories (Full Drums, Kick & Snare, Percussion, Hi-Hats), and 350 cut in one-shot drum samples. The correct approach allows this library to excellently suit the creation of a very unusual and, at the same time, clearly outstanding percussion part. At the background of the other elements the strangeness of the sound of such percussion instruments is quite distinguishable, helps to well stick in the listener’s memory and stand out against the tracks of other musical producers. Probably, by means of these percussion instruments you will be able to easily impart a unique sound to your music.

The creation process of these drum samples is a secret catch of BicubicAudio and with 99 % probability can't be repeated. The production of these samples is a complex combination of stereo recordings of live percussion sounds and an advanced modern sound design. This library does not contain a single synthetic sound from any synthesizer or drum-machine. Moreover, for the creation of this library no sounds of a classical percussion section have been used. All sound samples are absolutely unique and difficult to be repeated.


  • 50 Drum Kits
  • 200 Drum Loops (50 Kick Loops, 50 HiHat Loops, 50 Snare Loops, 50 Percussion Loops)
  • 350 One-Shots (50 Kicks, 50 Snares, 150 HiHats, 100 Percussions)
  • Content: 550 sound files
  • Format: WAV, 24bit/48kHz
  • Tempo: 174bpm (for loops)
  • Download size: 640 MB
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